• Stephen Shaw.

Open Casket

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Emmett Tillets mother in her grief and outrage, called the Chicago Defender newspaper telling reporters she wanted the world to see the barbaric act committed against her son by people. These acts were committed by people with warped beliefs and assumptions. She had an open casket at his funeral so the perpetrators and the public could visualize the terrible way her son had been treated hoping for change.

These types of sad acts still unbelievably enough happen today, only they have gone less visual in the way they're achieved and have evolved alongside current technology. If its not seen, its not happened and nobody can do anything about it. The worst form of treachery.NOTHING CHANGES! Only the motivational incentive, there’s always some notion people will target.

Omens of Murder is a personal memorialism, a private poetry photo-book about true events in the subjects life resulting from the same notions and lack of sight as Emmet Tillets perpetrators.

How one man tried to do his best for his family by following his dreams and desires, and how they crumbled at the hands of others through illegal interference. Just when the subject was doing well for himself someone decided to ruin it through jealousy using presumptions based on conjecture and media mis-interpretation, a simple lack of sight. This book shows sin, vengeance formed over societal abuse. How bitter people can become because of it, then blinded, due to seeking revenge for a cultures sickness which sadly always hides in its own shadows. The innocent always suffer.

Ultimately the perpetrators have become what they set out to destroy, through their own assumptions. It is easier to believe someone has done wrong and ignore the truth when deep down lack of sight consumes you due to jealousy and anger over your own past.

An eye for an eye but that eye is blind.

The subjects story is an insight into the depravity of human form. Figures intent on doing good, with a warped sense of justice, seeking revenge, but making mistakes when doing so. It shows the vulnerability of a young cyberspace system and people abusing its flaws.

It shows how far people will go to seek justice and revenge, blinded by their goals such that they target an innocent person, destroying a life for their own wrongly justified motives. How many times has this happened how many innocent people have died due to lies, assumptions and misinterpretations.

The project shows photographs leading up to the tragic event new and old that symbolize the story through omens. Subject will carry on documenting his life as long as he is able hoping for help or justice as he is currently getting no help from anywhere.

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