• Stephen Shaw.



1. a circular prison with cells arranged around a central well, from which prisoners could at all times be observed.

Most people today own mobile phones with cameras and the technology is getting more advanced daily.

Here a series of 11 photographs taken with an iPhone 11 and a Samsung SG20 camera in different peoples homes while they are unaware. Each persons home is uploaded consecutively for the viewer on different days. I imagine the internet as the central observation tower. The cells are the individual homes. A vision of our future and a present that most people are unaware of.

At the moment our homes feel like prison cells whilst were on lockdown and our phones are eyes into reality. These windows can easily be misconstrued and different pictures built up from virtual eyes attached to remote anonymous viewers from different social strata and place in our world, linked at 5g speeds.

Class and money has always been a defining factor in societal decision making. The other can be viewed and imagined very differently from a gaze that hasn’t lived the same life.

This year has seen epoch changing times in every part of our culture. The breaking down of old power structures to form new ones. The realisation of a new global dominance emerging from the utilisation of modern technology. The ability for people to abuse this technology for surveillance and categorisation of people via an intrusion into their lives, easily attained by anyone with a bit of hacking knowledge and a phone with a camera and microphone. The big brother state in full swing and changing our society rapidly. The realms of what is actually possible are disturbing and most people are unaware of this possibility. We tread a thin line regarding human rights and privacy. Posing questions about what is right and wrong in a new world order.

Fake news and the reimagining of reality through the internet to serve agendas for new leaders to take their positions in society. Anonymous regimes of power with a new age promise adhering the different ideology’s people dare not mention for fear of stigma and being labelled or not being accepted into a cloned droned society promised the world and that gladly accepts.

The reason for this is our heavy reliance on cyberspace and the technology’s available to enter into it. The ones who hold the power in the new world currently being shaped are the masters of this cyberspace playing field and the future holders of the keys to mould and run civilisation to their own liking.

The worlds new leaders.

But. There is a dangerously blurred line between their reality and our fiction that can cause death through misinterpretation, the invisible enemy who strives to make you cease to exist In the new age both physically and consciously due to interpretations of this online persona that only crosses into reality in the viewers mind. Punishing an imaginary reality that alludes to their deeper fears. Projecting these fears onto the viewer.

In today’s online fake news cyber culture, where we have no privacy and data is the most valued commodity, is not about the truth its about what people choose to believe. We have already ventured into a rabbit hole so deep we will never return to what we once enjoyed as normal. Times have changed and the all seeing eye is here. But most people aren’t aware and we have no method of policing this virtual nightmare.

Democracy has disappeared with its failings. We are all currently locked down while the world is at war in cyberspace for the future of global dominance and along with it our old freedoms have been crushed to make way for new ones. Imagine the knowledge gained through the surveillance of an entire species at the the touch of a button.

Nothing ever changes only the imagined scapegoat.

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