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The Gift

Whilst searching online for a good company to produce a quality dummy book for my new photographic project 'The Gift', I spotted an advert by Saal Digital UK. It mentioned an offer for a forty pound voucher towards a photo-book. This was a fantastic offer I could not refuse.

After filling in the required forms I was immediately sent an email which contained a voucher code and links to Saal social media sites Facebook, Instagram and twitter that I could post my review of their product after I had received it.

The Software I used to create and order the product was extremely good and easy to follow with a quick and simple operating system that does the job efficiently. I was quite surprised as I wasn't expecting Saal to be as good as other high end, Self publishing Photo-book companies I have used in the past, but they are without a doubt up there with the best of them.

The product arrived promptly and was tracked professionally right up to my doorstep with easy online access to find out the parcels location every step of the way.

My book was a 21x28 portrait, leather bound, Sapphire black 26 page matte in an anthracite gift box.

I decided to spend a little extra to get the most desirable product possible and I wasn't disappointed.

The parcel arrived a lot quicker than I thought it would, considering it was coming from overseas, it was also expertly packaged and sealed.

The anthracite box it was contained in was more durable and had a higher quality character about its physical presence than other more flimsy ones I have received. Inside the box there is a firm lush sponge that the book sits nice and snugly within.

The first thing that struck me on removing the book from the box was the leather bound hardback cover being extremely nice to the eye and to the touch, with a great desirability about it.

Inside the book I wasn't expecting the pages to be as thick as they were, they are very durable with a smooth sheen that gives a unique aura of life to my photographs. I think this enhances the deep colours and the flash technique I used in this project.

A photo-book should be a great ocular and physical experience, an object to treasure. Saal have definitely provided this, even the smell is not your average smell, its different and somehow more contemporarily appealing. I think the quality is definitely worth them few extra pennies.

I will definitely be using them again in the near future and may even look into the many other quality products and services they offer.

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