• Stephen Shaw.


This is what happens when people who are meant to be trusted and clever people teaching you something you love such as photography, but then these people get carried away with insinuations about someone’s work thinking they have the right answers to my vision when really there are other explanations and they are totally wrong.

So I have had my life ruined for absolutely nothing but a persons twisted exaggerations and misinterpretations. He has caused trouble at every opportunity due to his own interfering in my life and wrong assumptions.



I have a hard time since doing my MA at uclan. I wondered why a certain interfering person was acting a certain way, now I know why.

I have started getting harassed online on all my social media. I have become ill due to a horrible person acting on his wrong assumptions.

My Facebook keeps getting accessed via a temporary password with the name laz+nxcarlw attached to the text, when I am not asking for it. My Mac and phone, the phone of which I gave to my daughter as a present but she still had it attached to my gmail account, have been accessed by someone over my BA course and innocent research and other items have been taken the wrong way. You could say Sally Mann’s work has a similar theme and what she said was totally true. “What an artists captures and what the public sees can be dangerously different things” that is so true considering what I am going through right now. I am being hacked and I am being stalked online by someone along with harassing phone calls and text threats. I am being targeted by these fake social media profiles that know everything about me and harass me everyday with death threats regarding my recent illness and symptoms after developing photos at uclan for a mentor and my MA project. I get these threats other ways also, such as through texts and phone calls as well. My Facebook is logged into different places and on unknown devices or different devices all the time as is all my other social media. When I try to change my pass word I get a text to my mobile with laz+nxcarlw attached to a temporary password which I have not authorised or asked for. I don’t know for sure if this is relevant but it’s keeps happening. I have had to change my phone twice. All my Facebook messages are being read by someone else each morning. There are horrible threats and messages being left on all my social media accounts. Someone is posting items when I am not doing it. My accounts are always logged in in different places. I have been doxxed and my bank accounts used for fake transactions that I am not doing. Whoever is in my sm accounts is also sending messages to other people from them, that I haven't sent, to make me look like an idiot. Someone close to me is receiving similar treatment, and we have both become ill with the same symptoms. The scariest things that happen are, for instance, it's like wherever I go anywhere with my phone they are there, listening and or watching, because they know what I’m doing on a daily basis and harass me about it via social media and texts as threats. I get text threats and phone calls off someone saying they are going to get me, all the time. I daren't go out of my house. I regularly get phone calls from people asking if I want life insurance then they start laughing down the phone. This may be normal and me panicking because of what's happened making me act worse Etc but why would they be sarcastically laughing and being nasty,if they are a proffesional company and also very repetitively. My phone will frequently just start doing things itself, mainly when I'm on my own. For instance it will start going in my emails and Google etc download files sending emails and messages, and typing stuff itself then sending and making phone calls. My partner and family have witnessed everything, luckily for me because it was hard for them to believe until they seen it themselves, I managed to show them. I know it’s something to do with my mentor/teacher because he has told me everything over the phone and via email, as well as other serious remarks, but I didn’t believe him at the time, I just put it down to eccentricity. Now people don’t believe me when I tell them.

The person who has done this has assumed terrible things about me that are not true, because of their past. I am basically scared to go out of my house now due to threats and harassment. I doubt he will ever confess to his wrongdoings as he won’t want to believe he has made a mistake and targeted an innocent person. Also he won’t want to get in trouble will he. My phone camera also seems to come on by itself and start recording me or other things at random times or even taking pictures. It Seems very strange. It's weird, stressful and really scary. I just can't get away from this person... Thing, I can't even put a face to it, because everything is virtual and online. I know who it is but I’m not an expert with computers so I can’t get proof. My partner has witnessed all this and also the other person who is experiencing exactly the same occurrences so I'm not alone, I have  independent witnesses. Videos screenshota documents etc. I had to print things out, it took me ages because they would just delete everything I wrote or change it to nonsense on my Mac. The creepy shots and altered images I get as harassment are all logged at home and printed out.

I am at a loss at what I should do.

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